We are interested in your opinions and constructive criticism about the first annual Chicago Coin Expo. As a first year show, we learned a lot about ways to improve for next year and we plan to do so.

Many of you should already know by now that the 2018 Chicago Coin Expo will be held at the Palmer House hotel, just a few blocks south of where the show was held this year. Everyone will be in one room and security will be much tighter as we will not be in a public building. For this reason, there were several question I left out of this survey as they are not applicable to next year. 

If you have other thoughts and ideas about the Chicago Coin Expo not covered in this survey, there is a section below for you to elaborate.

About the Booth
I set up at
I typically use
I typically use
Case coverings are a must for me
I need a trash can
Cocktail Reception
I enjoyed the cocktail reception and would like to see it again next year.
I would like to see a dinner added to the reception
Our marketing effort for the 2017 CCE consisted of a $8,000 budget that delivered a mix of listings, email blasts, articles, and advertisements in the following sources: Coin Week, Chicago Like a Local, the Chicagoist, the Local Tourist (email to subscibers , social, website) Chicago Tribune (2 articles), Coin World, Skyline Publications, Eventful, 10Times.com, MetroMix, Make it Better, Patch.com, Stock Market – Wall Street Select, Numismatic News, Coin Zip, Coin Update, World Coin News
My satisfaction with the public turnout for this first year fair can be described as...
I contributed in the effort to spread the word about the fair through
I am willing to help contribute to the marketing effort for next year's show by...
History in Your Hands Foundation
My thoughts and understanding about the non-profit that sponsors the show can be described as
Next Year
I plan to return as a tableholder for the 2018 CCE at the Plalmer House hotel.
I plan to stay at the Palmer House hotel (where the show will be held).